Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶3

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Денис Воинов
Денис Воинов - Před 2 dny
8:29 как раз пельмень мыть
박준영 - Před 5 dny
4:30 걍 통짜로 만들지 조립보다 튼튼한데
그리고 다만들기 쉬운것들이군
Zhandou Martial Arts
Zhandou Martial Arts - Před 8 dny
The first idea is stupid
Karen Baxter
Karen Baxter - Před 9 dny
No to the gold fish. They belong in the sea. Do U know how many times I have seen people use ornamental goldfish only to C them die a few months later? If they R not in an outside protected pond or an aquariam then don't have them.
John Johnson
John Johnson - Před 8 dny
Karen Baxter Thank you for directing mankind god. Oh my what would we do without you? Goldfish in the sea?
 - Před 10 dny
Super job
Urban Carmen
Urban Carmen - Před 11 dny
lilia aracely sotelo casillas
Por favor el paso a paso para hacer la regadera de PISO
Mil gracias 😊
Baby B Official
Baby B Official - Před 16 dny
Nice bro
kathir krishnan
kathir krishnan - Před 17 dny
9.45 what type of shoe????
Culture for all الثقافة للجميع
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CloudProductions - Před 21 dnem
before you upgrade your home, you need to upgrade your shop. That's thousands of dollars worth of tools!
Débora Alvarenga
Débora Alvarenga - Před 22 dny
白魔道士 - Před 22 dny
けど欲しいなー 作ってみたい
Arjun Dhillon
Arjun Dhillon - Před 22 dny
7:57 Click Bait!
Yaser Mokhtar صيانه بوتاجاز وسخان
Pammie143 - Před 23 dny
Fish, no pump? No filter? Just for a cool coffee table right?
Noe Piril
Noe Piril - Před 23 dny
Theres a black filter
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Imo number sex girl bd - Před 24 dny
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Sh Mi se 9
Sh Mi se 9 - Před 26 dny
إبداع 👍
Bump Kin
Bump Kin - Před 27 dny
Your intro sound like pornhub intro
Alex Tatiano
Alex Tatiano - Před 28 dny
Does the shower has fall to the floor waste ??
JAKE LOWERY - Před 28 dny
so an home entertainment center made out of metal studs.....I'm officially annoyed.
Prince Namor
Prince Namor - Před 20 dny
Calm down.
JAKE LOWERY - Před 28 dny
Who had the tools to custom cut and homemade hot tub? Why am I still watching? am standard hot tube would add the same value.
JAKE LOWERY - Před 28 dny
so....huge lead up to digging a hole for you trampoline? AND I WASTED MY TIME AGAIN!!!
Gaby RO
Gaby RO - Před měsícem
AngryCornflakes - Před měsícem
I watched the HELL outta that "entertainment system" build thinking "this is gonna be sooooooooooooo awesome cuz she's REALLY building something extensive" just to figure out halfway through that it's a damn entertainment system and then i wound up thinking "WHO IN THE HELL WOULD EVEN INVENT something so damn complex just to hang a damn tv and 11 dvds?!?!?!!
sisavid - Před měsícem
Que feito se ve lo del baño... demasiado azul
Noor Alsaedi
Noor Alsaedi - Před měsícem
ابچي طين😭😭
smelyi7 - Před měsícem
Stupid idea with trampoline- defo needs drainage, otherwise will be full of water and starts stink
Quero saber como fazer esse chuveiro de jardim?
Marco Del toro
Marco Del toro - Před měsícem
😠Qué poca madre tener peces en esas condiciones tan culeras
K.K ASAOTI BELOGER - Před měsícem
Very. Nice👌👌👍👍💕
H. Kordy
H. Kordy - Před měsícem
يا جماعه برا في حاجه اسمها خامات وادوات وامكانيات ......مصر 👎
Eliel Costa
Eliel Costa - Před měsícem
Só resta_me dizer uma palavra: incrível!
Галя Юркова
Галя Юркова - Před měsícem
Climapod DBA 360Organic - Greenhouse manufacture
Dislike where the womans leg that on image thumbnails 👹
Luis Marmolejo
Luis Marmolejo - Před měsícem
How is make tha flor shower
MShrader211 - Před měsícem
In-ground trampoline pit needs a way to drain, otherwise it will become a smelly mosquito-infested bog underneath that trampoline! Just saying....
Ed Julio
Ed Julio - Před měsícem
Fantástico. Obrigado
محمد البدر
محمد البدر - Před měsícem
But, Fish needs air (oxygen)
Dave Connolly
Dave Connolly - Před měsícem
Cynical Cunts
mmdirtyworkz - Před měsícem
1st clip - imagine the stench after a week or two. B!tch to clean those PVC pipes as opposed to glass aquarium. Some ideas never saw the light of the day as they are stupid and impractical.
JAKE LOWERY - Před 28 dny
feel like I missed did they seal the bottom on the corner pieces? I see the cut out which really doesn't explain anything? Or am I really missing it?
MShrader211 - Před měsícem
Fish can and will jump out... I've had Tiger Oscars jump out of my living room tank with heavy glass lid even, 1 made it all the way to my dining room table before I found and rescued it luckily! Had I not been home, could have turned out much worse. :-\
::: - Před měsícem
쟈밌게 잘봤고 전 못하겟네요
Nightmare dreams
Nightmare dreams - Před měsícem
8:26 minecraft pressure plates be like:
Yukanda Forever
Yukanda Forever - Před měsícem
kikochef - Před měsícem
Hola me he suscrito a tu canal. Si te gusta la cocina sana y fácil sencilla visitame te sorprenderá. Seguimos en contacto.
ar nas
ar nas - Před měsícem
aquarium kyak gitu habis ikan lo di mkan kucing
Johny TV
Johny TV - Před měsícem
JKL1 - Před měsícem
This video was more like a bunch of ads with a few minutes of video included.
mmdirtyworkz - Před měsícem
AdBlock ftw. I literally NEVER saw an add on YT. Ever.
Eli Gantz
Eli Gantz - Před měsícem
While I'm not a triggered PETA pussy I still gotta say using animals as decoration in such a bland tube is just a fucking dick move.
Надежда Армашевская
Кот будет очень благодарен за такой аквариум
كل يوم اسلام Every day Islam
Good work
S4 L. ProWuju
S4 L. ProWuju - Před měsícem
1:07 Direkt Dislike und deabo! Tierquälerei. Fische sind Keine Deko sondern Tiere.
1. Zu wenig Wasser und wassertiefe
2. Hält man keine Fische in einem Plastik behälter.
3. Hält man keine Goldfische und Guppys zusammen (kalt und warmwasser Fische!)
4. Für Guppys zu wenig Platz und Pflanzen.
5. Keine Technik wie Pumpe o.ä.
Worldwide history One canal
Worldwide history One canal - Před měsícem
Ну и как нам сделать этот душ во дворе, что нибудь подобрал,
bogdansss - Před měsícem
Did I just watch a compilation of stolen videos?
Asad Pubg Pro
Asad Pubg Pro - Před měsícem
8:10 Thanks me later
Rybka Lubi Pływać
Rybka Lubi Pływać - Před měsícem
1 filmik z rybkami zaj3bisty ale jak przymocowac tą szybe do tych rur?
Socks - Před měsícem
That dolphin floor is so ugly
D. Randall 2.0
D. Randall 2.0 - Před měsícem
Awesomely Creative
Lill Nova
Lill Nova - Před měsícem
Brilliant! - I love the fish tank table, looks awesome has anyone tried it yet?
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