Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer

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TotallyRamish - Před 15 minutami
This movie is so extra and unneeded but its gonna be amazing
nothing special
nothing special - Před 15 minutami
2:10 “I was made to help a child..I don’t remember it being this hard”
I have a feeling that this movie will make me cry
Nathan games7
Nathan games7 - Před 15 minutami
jerman jjjc
jerman jjjc - Před 15 minutami
woody is like Captain America in Endgame 😂😂
Nack 0
Nack 0 - Před 15 minutami
So the new character in the fourth movie is a fork...
A... Four-k

I'm sorry you had to read that.
Hercules - Před 15 minutami
So did my library book pull a forky on me too?
B-Wash - Před 15 minutami
This gave me chills.
Ndroo 101
Ndroo 101 - Před 15 minutami
What's funny is that sporky knows that he's a spork, not a toy, but buzz DIDN'T know he was a toy but an actual space ranger
Heriberto Sosa
Heriberto Sosa - Před 15 minutami
I love por ver esta aventura
Green Bastard
Green Bastard - Před 15 minutami
Annnnnd....... Franchise ruined!
tutoriales de los juegos de GBA
tutoriales de los juegos de GBA - Před 16 minutami
I will take your entire stuck
Gabrel Felipe cabral da silva
Gabrel Felipe cabral da silva - Před 16 minutami
Que maca
Mustafa Polat
Mustafa Polat - Před 16 minutami
my childhood came to my mind 😄
Victor Vinicius Sousa
Victor Vinicius Sousa - Před 16 minutami
O deus com certeza esse filme vai me fazer chorar
HEELEØ Army - Před 16 minutami
#1 trending
Kayla Stewart
Kayla Stewart - Před 16 minutami
So like... the gang will split up to different families
Tom Martin
Tom Martin - Před 16 minutami
Toy Story 4 Sucks. Whats with movies now days, their all sunshine and rainbows. Wheres the sadness, risk, danger?
Masterhandnate - Před 16 minutami
As much as this sequel isn’t needed, it still made me tear up a bit seeing the characters I grew up with back together. That song that plays during the trailer too just fits so perfectly. Good or not, I’m excited for this.
Ethaniel Liu
Ethaniel Liu - Před 16 minutami
Existential crisis spork.
Dani Ruiz
Dani Ruiz - Před 16 minutami
I just hope this movie will not be as depressing as Toy Story 3
EmilyRulesUnicornz - Před 16 minutami
*Oh, **_so that’s we’re my spork went._*
Connor Smith
Connor Smith - Před 16 minutami
I assumed this would be the plot.
Ptooie - Před 16 minutami
I miss Andy
Soy Gato
Soy Gato - Před 16 minutami
2: Goes new place. Shouldn't stay but finds good reason to. Also kids eventually forget things.
3: goes new place. Shouldn't stay but finds good reason to. There's a time to be a kid and to grow up.
4:goes new place shouldn't stay but finds good reason to. Kids don't forget about their toys. Uh. Nostalgia?
Price Kay
Price Kay - Před 16 minutami
A suicidal Spork. Huh.
Jettboy88 - Před 16 minutami
Who else was lucky enough to watch this before it started trending?
Just me?
Ok then...
Eddierockone - Před 16 minutami
Who cried a bit when God Only Knows by The Beach Boys started playing. A perfect song for a movie like this.
Pixel Sheep
Pixel Sheep - Před 16 minutami
Toy story 2: community entises a character to stay with them and ultimately turns out to be evil
Toy story 3: community entises a character to stay with them and ultimately turns out to be evil
Toy story 4: community entises a character to stay with them and ultimately turns out to be evil
Get new ideas!
Lucas Allen
Lucas Allen - Před 16 minutami
Ansioso pra assistir esse filme
Mayama Sackor
Mayama Sackor - Před 16 minutami
Cant wait to see sporkys enemy

A Knife!
vichoafk4k rgb
vichoafk4k rgb - Před 16 minutami
EmilyRulesUnicornz - Před 16 minutami
Holy cow the animation is so good!
Flakyki - Před 16 minutami
So like "We left our owner, they are sad, we have a tough time but return." Toy Story 3?
3-D KIDS CHANNEL - Před 16 minutami
Wow!!! I was waiting for this
3-D KIDS CHANNEL - Před 16 minutami
How many years?
Tyflow - Před 16 minutami
IMO from Best to worst
1) Toy Story
2) Toy Story 3
3) Toy Story 2
BleuDaLion - Před 17 minutami
0:46 when even a spork wont pay attention to your stories 😔
Ricardo Morales
Ricardo Morales - Před 17 minutami
That is not the real Andy
Miguel Zagal
Miguel Zagal - Před 17 minutami
The upcoming movie is about a spork?
c bye
c bye - Před 17 minutami
The old bow peep look better
Doct Joe
Doct Joe - Před 17 minutami
Okay but it looks like a copy and paste of the last two movies
AniMotion Films
AniMotion Films - Před 17 minutami
jpMUDKIP18 - Před 17 minutami
I was worried, cause so we really need another toy story? but hey, this actually doesn’t look half bad
Demetrio Garcia
Demetrio Garcia - Před 17 minutami
Im literally 38 and I can't wait to watch it
BionicleSaurus - Před 17 minutami
Oh dear, the characters are separated, Woody has found himself in a strange new land full of creepy, morally questionable new characters that are presenting him with an alternative future to simply being one child's toy. Now the rest of the group is on a rescue mission that will surely result in a series of wacky antics culminating in getting Woody back and watching as our primary antagonist receives an ironic and just punishment.
But hold on now, you think that doesn't sound very original, right? Well you're wrong, cause this time, there's a fucking spork! 👍😁😁👍
*Watches as childhood is repeatedly run over by a damned car carrier in the rear view mirror*
ryanlulxd - Před 17 minutami
James charles just kissed your foot
👇Like to undo

Im a small youtuber any support would be appreciated
TricksterNate - Před 17 minutami
Its HuertA
Its HuertA - Před 17 minutami
Suscribansen a zuca xc
João Kather
João Kather - Před 17 minutami
Lets fucking go
Allen Nixon
Allen Nixon - Před 17 minutami
So who is the villain of that movie?
silent witness
silent witness - Před 17 minutami
Why ??????
Cooper’s Gaming
Cooper’s Gaming - Před 17 minutami
I’m 9 and I love this movie like if you agree
Bob Ross the Painter
Bob Ross the Painter - Před 15 minutami
I'm 83 and I love this movie like if you agree
Otakumichibi - Před 17 minutami
I wasn't expecting "God Only Knows"; I love that song!
Andrewman 03
Andrewman 03 - Před 17 minutami
1:58 uhhh Andy?
Samantha Amorese
Samantha Amorese - Před 17 minutami
Wow. 😂
the FBI agent who monitors your web history
It's a nostalgia cash grab... But god dammit, imma see it anyway
Weird troublesome truck Studios
Weird troublesome truck Studios - Před 17 minutami
This already looks like something I would watch her as soon as it comes out
42 Sydney
42 Sydney - Před 17 minutami
Tin Toy’s character is here
Abbey bennett
Abbey bennett - Před 17 minutami
i hate these movies because they always make me cry lmao
Jesus Bucio
Jesus Bucio - Před 17 minutami
Aww man thats screepy. The dolls
Cuddlefish Films
Cuddlefish Films - Před 17 minutami
By this movies logic, I could put googly eyes on just about anything and it will talk, so if I did that to my cat, could I finally have a best friend?
Jake Fischvogt
Jake Fischvogt - Před 15 minutami
That sad
Top 5 Fandom
Top 5 Fandom - Před 16 minutami
MobileGamer Su
MobileGamer Su - Před 17 minutami
2:01 Press F to pay respect
Square From Le Check
Square From Le Check - Před 17 minutami
Sean Furlong
Sean Furlong - Před 18 minutami
I wonder what the sad ending is going to be.
UniverseForever 123
UniverseForever 123 - Před 18 minutami
Me: *Watches all Disney movies*
Disney/Disney Pixar Movies: To infinity and beyond!
Thank you again, ily.
Super Duper Fun Time Live
Super Duper Fun Time Live - Před 18 minutami
But what if I put googly eyes on a can? Is that a toy?
Wolf Sisters
Wolf Sisters - Před 18 minutami
I am shook!!!! I thought it was over!!!!! Well college savings bye bye I am wasting it on this movie!!!!!!!!!
TheSimsCovers - Před 18 minutami
The deep meaning tho aw
Tyflow - Před 18 minutami
Plz be good plz be good plz be good plz be good plz be good plz be good plz be good
Random Kid
Random Kid - Před 18 minutami
Ok but where’s you got a friend in me?
Jesús Zarate
Jesús Zarate - Před 18 minutami
*What a great new!*
Sprite Cranberry
Sprite Cranberry - Před 18 minutami
I'm so glad they finally ended this right! And OMG BO PEEP MY GIRLLLLL IS BACK!
Um Army, Buddy and Blink
Um Army, Buddy and Blink - Před 18 minutami VOTE IN MILLIE
Daimon HELLSTORM - Před 18 minutami
How many Shitholes
👉👌💩7.2K dislikes
Kirk Meyers
Kirk Meyers - Před 18 minutami
So glad they brought her back . . . Just had her as a side note as being sold in a rummage sale in the other one :(
graceisgracie - Před 18 minutami
Sporky: why am I alive?

Me: mood
Chris Hernandez
Chris Hernandez - Před 18 minutami
Woooooooooooooooooooooooo i my a big fan of toy stoRY😃🏅🏅🏅🏅 🏅🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😎 can i come to DisNEp me brhoders 1 baby brhoder
Mr Videogamer
Mr Videogamer - Před 18 minutami
Andy looks so different and awesome
Techno 2025
Techno 2025 - Před 18 minutami
That sporks going to be like $49.99 (not including tax) at Disney when we can make him for like 5 dollars at 99
Mylee N
Mylee N - Před 18 minutami
So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😫😆😆😁😁😁
Ben Mitchell
Ben Mitchell - Před 18 minutami
I just watched a trailer that spoilt the plot of an entire movie
Kmax Beast
Kmax Beast - Před 18 minutami
i got goosebumps watching this, i cant wait
-Shlorble -
-Shlorble - - Před 18 minutami
This is dumb
Captain Dinglepants
Captain Dinglepants - Před 18 minutami
Nice. An HD Remake of Toy Story 2
Henrique Zambaldi
Henrique Zambaldi - Před 18 minutami
So kids, that's captalism.
AV kicks
AV kicks - Před 18 minutami
Jessie Rogers
Jessie Rogers - Před 18 minutami
Those honestly looked like the puppets from Night of the Living Dummy
Ronald Hicks
Ronald Hicks - Před 18 minutami
I am going to see toy story 4 in June
SammyBob - Před 18 minutami
Can't wait for the merchindise. I wonder who is going to buy a spork as a toy?
DJ DELE - Před 18 minutami
When I saw this at my recommended list...... I SCREAMED
AyeYo ItsAndrew
AyeYo ItsAndrew - Před 18 minutami
ready to cry
OG Cee
OG Cee - Před 18 minutami
I think this trailer spoiled to much
DaveStylePP - Před 18 minutami
VixoxoAlt F5
VixoxoAlt F5 - Před 18 minutami
Anyone else hates when trailers shows the full movie?
Carmen Enriquez
Carmen Enriquez - Před 19 minutami
Me estoy muriendo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
campside sketch
campside sketch - Před 19 minutami
Wow! A new independent female that no one asked for!
This is not a surprise at all!
Martha Madrid
Martha Madrid - Před 19 minutami
*whos ready to cry in the theaters?*
Hudson Bruce
Hudson Bruce - Před 19 minutami
What’s that music
The Anonymous Avenger
The Anonymous Avenger - Před 19 minutami
This is going to be the best one next to the first one
Jon Dunn
Jon Dunn - Před 19 minutami
The moment the Andy flashbacks came TEARS
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan - Před 19 minutami
The new emoji movie.
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