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Kayley Jefferson
Kayley Jefferson - Před 5 hodinami
mY fOoT hAs nEvEr fElt So ALIVE!!!!!
Mya Fisher
Mya Fisher - Před 4 dny
he said minus one when it should be negative one hahahahaha
Arumaisah Awan
Arumaisah Awan - Před 4 dny
I actually would luv to see Ethan with a monobrow in my nightmare
mimo _
mimo _ - Před 4 dny
Hi, I subscribed for more videos like thie and haven't seen another one..? Let's get a part 2 to this for all your masochistic fans. 😄
sperm swallower
sperm swallower - Před 6 dny
I wish I had a boyfriend like the Dolan twins they are hot
Saoly N
Saoly N - Před 13 dny
3.6k people actually want to see Monobrow Ethan in their nightmares
Raevyn Elicia Adams
Raevyn Elicia Adams - Před 13 dny
Lego torture....
Lorraine Delos Reyes
Lorraine Delos Reyes - Před 13 dny
6:18 Gray wiping his tongue on the foam.
Them admitting that they've jumped on the pit naked af 🙊😂
flirtish msp
flirtish msp - Před 14 dny
3:56 did nobody else notice graysons hand on ethans or is it just me
Hana May
Hana May - Před 15 dny
Their voices are so different now
jean graves
jean graves - Před 15 dny
you know what you thought of when they say body part..
Nuria Lensen
Nuria Lensen - Před 16 dny
So, is no one gonna talk about ethans face here ? 😂😂😂
luisa bundy
luisa bundy - Před 18 dny
Mariavv Makeup
Mariavv Makeup - Před 19 dny
Not a single soul:
Ethan: Guess that Penis 🤣
Kelly Archer
Kelly Archer - Před 19 dny
Did anyone else think the Taser looked like a ladies shaver? 🦶🏼👀😂
Cool Critters With Kat
Cool Critters With Kat - Před 20 dny
Grayson * talking to Ethan’s foot* : He running he’s running

*tases foot *
Ethan: Ahhhh

I don’t know why but I love that part and I laughed 😂
ikuma 001
ikuma 001 - Před 20 dny
I was wondering how many times E bites off those cubes lmao
Chanelle Ricardi
Chanelle Ricardi - Před 21 dnem
5:06 “My foots never felt more alive!!” Hehe
Brian Leonard
Brian Leonard - Před 21 dnem
Grayson: This isn’t sexual
Ethan: This is definitely sexual
Liv Ya
Liv Ya - Před 22 dny
Me in 2019 Grayson isn’t as tan and doesn’t have bug much less lol
Stephanie Encarnacion
Stephanie Encarnacion - Před 23 dny
Ethan kinda look like a villager in Minecraft LOL 😂
Sophia Hughes
Sophia Hughes - Před 23 dny
Don’t unlike guys we are desperate!!
-Grayson Dolan the nice one
Gavin Lynch
Gavin Lynch - Před 25 dny
5:50 killed me
Kayla Millen
Kayla Millen - Před 29 dny
i love your vids
savageskiing ee-tee-wee-tee
4:38 to 4:44 was literally the best part of the video cause of Ethan 😂
NeNa GeeZ
NeNa GeeZ - Před 29 dny
Omg they crazy lol
Rebecca R
Rebecca R - Před 29 dny
Ok Ethan looked sooooo good in this
Lyssa Harper
Lyssa Harper - Před 29 dny
he’s gonna need a tetanus shot 😂
Shayna Asmr
Shayna Asmr - Před měsícem
Ethan still attractive w a unibrow !!!
neema maganga
neema maganga - Před měsícem
i miss the twins unplanned videos
Emily Ricker
Emily Ricker - Před měsícem
6:21 is hilariously how he said minus one I died like if u agree
J E ss E Y
J E ss E Y - Před měsícem
Grayson boy you gotta thicc ass
Elia Simon
Elia Simon - Před měsícem
4:02 "this is definitely some weird fetish."
6:25 MINUS ONE. ahahahaha
DiamondsX Dolan
DiamondsX Dolan - Před měsícem
No cap but Grayson's hot..🥴
saydi garcia
saydi garcia - Před měsícem
0:51This so funny OMG!!🤣🤣🤣
Farhad Nur Mohamad
Farhad Nur Mohamad - Před měsícem
9D DEMOS-BTS - Před měsícem
*1:11** with your eyes closed-*
Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234
Xx.dolanfan.12xX 1234 - Před měsícem
at 0:04 grayson is me after running cause a school fire alarm at recess minutes before recess ended
6:46 those noises 😂
Elizabeth Pupo
Elizabeth Pupo - Před měsícem
Anime voices at the end wtf
A - Před měsícem
Why tf are these punishments so crazy though...and they say it so happy too lmfao 💀💀
Elizabeth Fong
Elizabeth Fong - Před měsícem
I freaking love Ethan😂😂
0:34 1:22 4:08
Areej Qais
Areej Qais - Před měsícem
E Tay
E Tay - Před měsícem
best 7:47 minutes of my life
Karli! T
Karli! T - Před měsícem
I was laughing so much that my throat hurt!
👇Leave a like if you laughed your ass off!
Barry Benami
Barry Benami - Před měsícem
look at ethane face first time he look creepy 4:50
Barry Benami
Barry Benami - Před měsícem
these are the funniest clips 5:39 6:12 (thats my fav) 6:52 6:57 0:55 1:45 2:43 4:47
Elizabeth Pupo
Elizabeth Pupo - Před měsícem
“Minus one” pffffffffffffffft 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants - Před měsícem
Breanne O'Hanley
Breanne O'Hanley - Před měsícem
6:45 to 6:48 the noise gray makes is to cute lol
GalaxyCat 123
GalaxyCat 123 - Před měsícem
Mum: What did you get on your test honey?
Me: 6:25
Mum: How is that possible?
Me: I spelt me name wrong
CAITLIN 05180726
CAITLIN 05180726 - Před měsícem
April Brown
April Brown - Před měsícem
0:42 Ethan’s laugh😂
Gaming with k
Gaming with k - Před měsícem
Grayson has the taser he’s running he’s running E MY FOOT HAS NEVER FELT THIS ALIVE
Gaming with k
Gaming with k - Před měsícem
Grayson has the taser he’s running he’s running E MY FOOT HAS NEVER FELT THIS ALIVE
Jojolover 121517
Jojolover 121517 - Před měsícem
6:46 Grayson’s voice was adorable
Emma 047
Emma 047 - Před měsícem
What how do they not get hurt?
un known
un known - Před měsícem
Sissy Bees
Sissy Bees - Před měsícem
Gray is adorable in this 😍
X jasmine X
X jasmine X - Před měsícem
2:20 “my ass saved my ass”
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