Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers

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Daniel Argo
Daniel Argo - Před 22 hodinami
Bigasshouse 11 letters
Michael Flarkin
Michael Flarkin - Před dnem
Five letter word that they have to buy? Okay. Spain. Buy Spain.
ツÇhäçä - Před dnem
React to their tik toks
Johvanny Serrano
Johvanny Serrano - Před dnem
The ending😂😂
Amanda Pickup
Amanda Pickup - Před 2 dny
i would ask them to buy me a *colonoscopy*
Lillie Willoughby
Lillie Willoughby - Před 2 dny
Can we talk about how those TVs were only $79 we have to cop them now
Mariam Ebrahim
Mariam Ebrahim - Před dnem
It costs $79 if you want someone else to mount it. That's not the price for the actual tv
Lillie Willoughby
Lillie Willoughby - Před 2 dny
The mom looks like she just woke up
k k
k k - Před 3 dny
After Cody said *I'll just call them mucus* I literally get an ad afterwards about a mucus pill..
Mats Fingerhut
Mats Fingerhut - Před 3 dny
That's what she said
Raymond Chatwin
Raymond Chatwin - Před 4 dny
They suck so bloody bad, it drives me nuts.
Texan tendy
Texan tendy - Před 4 dny
Why does this man have such a long neck in the thumb nail
asoom - Před 4 dny
i have same chair as kody
Amoolya Vinjamur
Amoolya Vinjamur - Před 4 dny
Their dad seems adorable though 😂💜
Amoolya Vinjamur
Amoolya Vinjamur - Před 4 dny
Why does Cody want to buy his own surname at 6:33?
Giant Dad
Giant Dad - Před 5 dny
walker Webb
walker Webb - Před 5 dny
That moment when she said “I need a man” and dad looks like oh shit not again
Destiny Chanel
Destiny Chanel - Před 5 dny
Mucus: Okay mom you got three letters what do you want?
Mrs. Dobre: A man!
Mr.Dobre: Okay boys daddy's gonna go to the "stoor" now okay be good now.
*packs suitcase*
Dobre Brothers: Dad why you bringing your suitcase?
Mr. Dobre:
Mucus: Dad?...Dad????
Harry - Před 6 dny
Holy shit lmfao this video is cancer. "I want a new Lambo truck" so cringe 😂 I'm sure the parents were on a script but if not it's easy to see why the bros are so fucked lmao
Daithi O’Sullivan
Daithi O’Sullivan - Před 6 dny
Girl defined part 3
Raylan Givens
Raylan Givens - Před 7 dny
Mucus looks like that goat is his biological brother.
Garrett Cook
Garrett Cook - Před 7 dny
yellow is actually the most basic color for a lambo i would have gone with the white one next to it
Garrett Cook
Garrett Cook - Před 7 dny
these kids are 100% going broke by 30
Morgan Nichols
Morgan Nichols - Před 7 dny
love island episode 10 wya
allison muszynski
allison muszynski - Před 7 dny
Dobre Bothers and the Dolan twins
aren't the same thing...
Sam_V_Murray - Před 8 dny
What would happen if they spelled barrack Obama?
Sarah playz
Sarah playz - Před 9 dny
I come from lucas and Marcus comments 😂😂🤣
Game Geek
Game Geek - Před 10 dny
*tHeRes A SaLe RAcK*
Austin Balletta
Austin Balletta - Před 10 dny
Wow thats a beast
Aidan Pedersen
Aidan Pedersen - Před 10 dny
I wonder how many people who watch this haven’t heard of honey prior to to the video,
Also how many people can spell Lamborghini off the top of their head? I literally just used autocorrect to spell it for this comment.
Plumeria From Hawaii
Plumeria From Hawaii - Před 10 dny
y do they talk like babies tho
Gracelyn Jones
Gracelyn Jones - Před 11 dny
Mucus: “I mean you could say house”
Marcus minutes later: “I mean I didn’t realize y’all would be getting things so expensive”
Gracelyn Jones
Gracelyn Jones - Před 11 dny
Hey cool vid just wanted to say ur eyes look very green and pretty
Eliza Kindy
Eliza Kindy - Před 11 dny
If she doesn't ask for a jet at the 3 letters I'm gonna shit her pants
bigsolidsnake 23
bigsolidsnake 23 - Před 11 dny
Cody is the only youtuber who’s video’s I don’t skip through when he does ads himself.
phailure - Před 6 dny
Illegal Pumpkin
Illegal Pumpkin - Před 11 dny
does honey work on animal jam
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - Před 12 dny
sara jasion
sara jasion - Před 12 dny
The lambo shop was closed did u see
Kate Summers
Kate Summers - Před 12 dny
Kate Summers
Kate Summers - Před 12 dny
Kate Summers
Kate Summers - Před 12 dny
Giulia Black
Giulia Black - Před 12 dny
the dobre's video is so unconfortable
KatieFNorth - Před 12 dny
it took me two months to realize his neck was edited in the thumbnail
F.B.I - Před 8 dny
BAHAHAHA I didn't even notice
Fluffy Jimin
Fluffy Jimin - Před 12 dny
omg i CRINGED when she said “OMG THAT’S A BEAST’ !!! I cringed soooo fucking hard😂😂😂
Ma’am - Před 12 dny
Uh so can they write all this stuff off? Like why are they doing this?
Raccoon Jay
Raccoon Jay - Před 13 dny
He was low key enjoying the video
Ben Krueger
Ben Krueger - Před 13 dny
Private island. P-R-I-V-A-T-E-(space)-I-S-L-A-N-D.
Pay up, bitch.
Gabe Phillips
Gabe Phillips - Před 14 dny
them: whatever you spell, I'll buy!
me: hehehe...
them: haha just kidding!!
Bitties - Před 14 dny
Wait why don’t they have to pay taxes?
Anna Miller
Anna Miller - Před 14 dny
Terrible ass actors. Where’s the car? Also why were they trying shoes on in the bathroom? Fraudulent ass mfs.
Zara naqvi
Zara naqvi - Před 14 dny
I wheezed throughout the whole video so much my stomach hurts
GHN Surf
GHN Surf - Před 14 dny
“You have to buy me, a razzamatazz... HAHAHAAAAA” I died
GHN Surf
GHN Surf - Před 14 dny
Honey is the best
Naomi Blankcard
Naomi Blankcard - Před 14 dny
For the 3 letter word I would’ve said rat cuz why not
GoogleSearch TheEsseneGospelOfPeace.#JesusGang
as soon as these fools started to spell Lamborghini I knew they were about to play themselves
GoogleSearch TheEsseneGospelOfPeace.#JesusGang
Cody with the eye matching t shirt.slick rick ass
GoogleSearch TheEsseneGospelOfPeace.#JesusGang
homie with the long neck in the thumb nail plays football. hes a running back
Tmg Clips
Tmg Clips - Před 15 dny
Tmg is the final boss of comedy
human venom
human venom - Před 16 dny
the Dobre parents are more entertaining honestly lol
Brennan Edwards
Brennan Edwards - Před 16 dny
You get to pick an 11 letter word for me to buy for you:

Vr Lux
Vr Lux - Před 16 dny
Wtf is this bunch ?! Honestly they look like gipsies
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