Top 5 Dealing With Bullies Scenes

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iHiQ - Před 4 měsíci
List the films I missed and I will make a part 2!
Najma Adan
Najma Adan - Před 25 dny
you will not fight anymore 😠😠😠😡😡😡
Tasha Evans
Tasha Evans - Před měsícem
You souk
herobrine854035 max
herobrine854035 max - Před měsícem
@Cubing Club no
Caramel potato Cookie
Caramel potato Cookie - Před měsícem
iHiQ if you dont wanna get bullied you have to deal it or roast them🔥🔥🔥💥💥🗡
Mansoor Mohamed
Mansoor Mohamed - Před 2 měsíci
John wick
Bros HD
Bros HD - Před 4 hodinami
Bullly get owe son😱😨✌
Faint - Před 10 hodinami
11:46 I’ll definitely use that elbow move
Im Canadian
Im Canadian - Před 13 hodinami
2:48 this is truly the best way to teach a bully a lesson
MysteriousAmaya - Před dnem
I don’t get why people let bullies do their bullying and they just stand there with a dumbass smile and not doing anything
iamjohnporter67 - Před 13 hodinami
A true friend would always stick up for their friend when they are getting bullied. Sad thing is that if you try and tell the teacher they will not believe you unless you provide them evidence. Its messed up.
Urmi Saharia
Urmi Saharia - Před dnem
2-😍the way he was beating him it was like ‘Don’t you dare throw orange at my girl’.3-That Dad be like Wow.
Fuck These  Unskippable Ads
There I watched it, now get the fuck out of my recommend
Trent Ferreira-Roberts
Trent Ferreira-Roberts - Před 2 dny
The kid who was getting beat up by Ansel Elgort just took it like some loser
Ajay Menon
Ajay Menon - Před 2 dny
Bullies r losers if u dint know.
2:50 Dont touch my girl dipshit!!
White Co Bruh
White Co Bruh - Před 3 dny
That little kid in #5 is a stud
Legitness Daneil
Legitness Daneil - Před 3 dny
What is a life without a lesson to learn?
mr naser
mr naser - Před 3 dny
12 years old my ass... Fuck you
The best scene
Kimi Jong Highball
Kimi Jong Highball - Před 3 dny
Hire a black dude from the ghettos and have the kick the bully’s ass for you.
kommentiere alles
kommentiere alles - Před 4 dny
#0: John Wick
dylann - Před 4 dny
The jack reacher one, he actually got it right 2 of them actually ran away
Edgar Gutierrez
Edgar Gutierrez - Před 4 dny
copied intro song btw
the abyss watcher
the abyss watcher - Před 4 dny
i liked the last one
Rajeev Thimmareddy
Rajeev Thimmareddy - Před 5 dny
The third one's just messed up
ChildishBark30 - Před 5 dny
3rd one was super fucked up
mamadudes 147
mamadudes 147 - Před 6 dny
ShadowNipple420 - Před 6 dny
Bro I see these scenes in every bully getting owned video and it’s getting old. I wanna see something new, if there isn’t, don’t post it cause there’s too many videos with these scenes.
David Garcia2002
David Garcia2002 - Před 6 dny
I wanna know the name of the intro's song.
Hayi Bao
Hayi Bao - Před 7 dny
I'm so satisfied with this. Wish all victim of bullying know self defense.
Heysteely - Před 7 dny
2:49 I passed out
SleepyQueen UwU
SleepyQueen UwU - Před 7 dny
gregorius didi
gregorius didi - Před 7 dny
Jun Espiritu
Jun Espiritu - Před 8 dny
Hey it’s John wick
Persona Twinz
Persona Twinz - Před 8 dny
Fun fact: Don't start something you can't finish
Putra Hidayah
Putra Hidayah - Před 8 dny
Help me bob I'm bully in the alley, bully in the alley. Bully down the shinbone al!
Teamwolf - Před 8 dny
I don’t tolerate bullying either good for u
Xav Tal
Xav Tal - Před 9 dny
Columbine was a great anime
7F5 - Před 9 dny
Why is it that bullies are either fat kids or jocks
Demon - Před 10 dny
Derk the jerk is the worst pick up line for a bully movie
Ash Willett
Ash Willett - Před 10 dny
the one dealing with the tennis shoes isn't dealing with a bully.... that's BEING a bully wtf
xFxckYou-_____ - Před 10 dny
The quiet ones are the ones to not bully👌
Saint of Yes But no
Saint of Yes But no - Před 11 dny
Keep it down John wick
Bailey Peleti-Fuimaono
Bailey Peleti-Fuimaono - Před 12 dny
“Remember you wanted this” legendary line 😂
RYAN GAS MASK - Před 12 dny
ending: who hired you (;¬_¬)
Charles Swain
Charles Swain - Před 12 dny
What the fuck
DarKKnightt07 - Před 13 dny
Colin Farrell is a legendary father.
The Rail Shooter
The Rail Shooter - Před 13 dny
Intro song name?
Ahmet Taylan Özdemir
Ahmet Taylan Özdemir - Před 13 dny
Jason Statham a.k.a. the walking testosterone
Goat God
Goat God - Před 14 dny
Ethan Mitchell
Ethan Mitchell - Před 14 dny
Not gonna lie sandy kinda nice though
Bros Life 2 Martinez
Bros Life 2 Martinez - Před 14 dny
your vids are gay stop you peace of shit
Firdausrul 636
Firdausrul 636 - Před 15 dny
Harry Potter not on list sorry my bad english
Syabil Zaki
Syabil Zaki - Před 15 dny
Noice !
slipknot95maggot - Před 15 dny
Uuuuuh y'all fucked in the head
The third one is absolutely sick
Not in a good way. Like in a 'stop eating and remove yourself from this world' kind of way
Seriously. If you felt good watching that, acknowledge your massive shortcomings and then take the big jump
Justin Keith Ayodoc
Justin Keith Ayodoc - Před 15 dny
Fuck the low sound
MaskerYT Fortnite And More!
Bully: *bullys me*
Me: *grabs the belt*
Bully: ah sh*t here we go again.
Me: wait, I haven’t done this to you before. What do u mean “again?”
Bully: there’s a thing called a Mexican mom.
Me: shut up now.
Also me: *beats the f*ck out of him
Btw I mean no offence to Mexican mom.
Respect the Mexican 🇲🇽
Don’t give me a like not asking for any.
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