Top 5 Dealing With Bullies Scenes

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iHiQ - Před měsícem
List the films I missed and I will make a part 2!
Lil Jonh
Lil Jonh - Před 3 dny
What the music name
Gh Ost
Gh Ost - Před 9 dny
So we just gon skip home front lol or nah?
KarateCaveman - Před 9 dny
Family Guy, the scene when he beat Chris's Bully, Kyle
covera shqip
covera shqip - Před 9 dny
Kamigz Macz
Kamigz Macz - Před 11 dny
Nicoleema1 - Před 13 hodinami
"Midget" that all you got Dirk 😂
beaujrb gbs
beaujrb gbs - Před 17 hodinami
I got bullied many times by different gangs in high school. I don't know
they all count to bully but yea... But one time when I was in 11th
grade I had to go to the 12th-grade class to meet their class teacher.
but when I walked past the door, there were 2 benches full of boys
seated opposite to each side of the door. While I passed the door the
boys from one side were pushing their desks on to me and I got crashed
in between their desk and the bench front to it which was also occupied
by boys
I was crashed in between and If I fall on to one side I am gonna fall
over the boys
And everyone was laughing that time
I can still feel the humiliation I had that moment
I couldn't do anything because I got into panic mode
The only thought I had in my mind was to escape that chaos
I tried hard resisting the push but my bare arms couldn't beat that four
boys pushing with both their arms and legs
Even girls in that class didn't even say a word
I even complained to teachers and they didn't even care
I have no friends to say these things but sometimes random people in
comment threads give me some nice words
That's cool right
But I am never gonna cry that for my entire life
I will fuckin pay back that pussies one day
Dawn Andrews
Dawn Andrews - Před dnem
I love fights it's awesome to watch them get beat up
amiah aiken
amiah aiken - Před dnem
In #2 why they keep coming at him leave you know you can't take him
iloveCats AndFish
iloveCats AndFish - Před 2 dny
I swear , never go against jason statham.! 😁
iloveCats AndFish
iloveCats AndFish - Před 2 dny
The scene from true detective is so intense.
Metalfan23 - Před dnem
I know
Nick SL
Nick SL - Před 2 dny
When I saw this guy at 6:09 I knew that the scene would be awesome
ADAM BR - Před 2 dny
The 11k persone who disiked this are probably fucking bullies
R S F - Před 2 dny
12 year old my ass FUCK YOU
Madi Kitty Gacha!
Madi Kitty Gacha! - Před 2 dny
Number 3 brutel just brutel i almost cried when he tortured his dad if that happened to mine I would cry and kill myself
Afiq zankodri
Afiq zankodri - Před 3 dny
Just like the boss😎😎😎
ta chovendo unicornio
ta chovendo unicornio - Před 3 dny
This video was soo satisfying 💖
xXlaUgHingCooKieXx - Před 3 dny
3:25 Is the his gf? Og gawd I hope I will have a gf like that but not go to jail xD
Soundly Death
Soundly Death - Před 3 dny
The last dude is a fucking chef tho, he always be roasting someone, god damn
di_anã gacha
di_anã gacha - Před 3 dny
Leute Gewalt ist keine Lösung.
EBI JB - Před 4 dny
5:15 so you want to punch the parents in the front of the bully?
Well that's NOT nice.
Metalfan23 - Před dnem
It's clearly not nice but that edgy kid got his lesson
SmashyPlays - Před 2 dny
it was pretty messed up
SmashyPlays - Před 2 dny
it was pretty messed up
Amazing Crafter 22
Amazing Crafter 22 - Před 3 dny
i agree
drayson200taco official rap channel and live
Ultra Instinct 1:36
Blue Tiger Vlogs
Blue Tiger Vlogs - Před 4 dny
On November 23 2016 11:34 AM i was getting bullied then I standed up to the bully and kicked him in the peepee and then elbowed him at the back of his head then kicked him on the left side of his head then ran to him and said:
If you ever bully me again I will punch you right in your face then when you have your hands on your face I will kick your ball sacks
David Ridlen
David Ridlen - Před 5 dny
You missed the best bully payback scene-
The mad Manatee
The mad Manatee - Před 5 dny
What about karate kid?
DEAD POOL - Před 6 dny
*Back when I was in school I never got bullied because I was a bad boy, but often got slapped by many girl*
Metalfan23 - Před 2 dny
if a would've met with someone like you back in school you would've regret being a "bad boy"
Michael Deng
Michael Deng - Před 6 dny
Ceejay Holand
Ceejay Holand - Před 6 dny
I think you forgot the movie "Carrie". That is the best for me.
Sebastian Betancourt
Sebastian Betancourt - Před 7 dny
Was that john wick in one of those scenes?
SixStringsCovers - Před 8 dny
I usually don't watch this kind of videos but today here I am. I thought you get respect from bullies talking nice with them and control the situation, but sometimes you got to fight for your own dignity and pride to eliminate fear. Today I decided that people cannot control my emotions and fears inside and I had to stop one of the bullies by hitting him in the face so I felt great :) I should do that more often
Metalfan23 - Před dnem
You really should do that always
dapi dapi
dapi dapi - Před 8 dny
A devilishly handsome Canadian
2:49 He must be on steroids
SpeechlessGamer X
SpeechlessGamer X - Před 8 dny
12:55 *who hired you...?*
Customer Service
Customer Service - Před 8 dny
Just tell a teacher
OfficialGrantFisher - Před 9 dny
Dad always used to tell me, "you never throw the first punch. But, as soon as one of them even TOUCHES you, you lay their ass out." Only ever needed to use that once. Never bullied me again.
Edit: He also told me not to worry about what comes afterwards. If I didn't do wrong then he'd have my back.
JDion - Před 9 dny
ccstarz 1
ccstarz 1 - Před 9 dny
5:30 was a little harsh if u ask me
(Edit) I still hate bullying tho
D Son
D Son - Před 9 dny
2:49 the most strongest bullied kid i have seen.
Timmymac2006 23
Timmymac2006 23 - Před 9 dny
Not only the men but the women and children too
izaias & xabriel
izaias & xabriel - Před 9 dny
Same thing but different people
josek azyu
josek azyu - Před 9 dny
Intro song name please
B Arney
B Arney - Před 9 dny
Why is this in my recommended so much
Nickolyt's - Před 9 dny
2:50 lift em up boi
titlewave - Před 9 dny
in the first clip,
“Hey, that’s pretty good”
Tanner Nichols
Tanner Nichols - Před 9 dny
Whats the name of the name of this guys opening song
Paepae Kelemete
Paepae Kelemete - Před 9 dny
what is your intro song?
Lord Nicky
Lord Nicky - Před 9 dny
There’s also the kings man scene
Davyd Kotok
Davyd Kotok - Před 9 dny
2:50 that guy is a god
FireFox62 - Před 9 dny
The True Detetives scene is actually kinda fucked up. Like he didnt even communnicate with the parent he just started beating the shit out of him like thats not okay.
PaulBewick1 - Před 9 dny
check out my clips!!!
Issa NDIAYE - Před 9 dny
Zombie noobs
Zombie noobs - Před 9 dny
what’s the song theme of your entrance
Eddie SBERNA - Před 9 dny
At least we know you're not pregnant lol
Kristopher Thomas
Kristopher Thomas - Před 9 dny
6:30 if u see him ur screwed 😂
BAKER 13 - Před 9 dny
The people who stand around not helping the victims, they are the biggest cowards. They are worse than the bullys!
SG nigga
SG nigga - Před 9 dny
Yeah I saw what you said about the stupid and your right is it the one with the indian going got that Lamborghini
Ariel Coronado
Ariel Coronado - Před 9 dny
5:32 is messed up I understand the kid needs a punishment but it dosent have to be that harsh
j No
j No - Před 9 dny
10:30 *insert Friday’s daaaaaaamn meme here”
Agreeable steak
Agreeable steak - Před 9 dny
So satisfying (1st one)
Jonathan Goranson
Jonathan Goranson - Před 9 dny
The guy getting pummeled in the 4th clip looks like faze rug😂
Stephen Hodle
Stephen Hodle - Před 9 dny
17 again
covera shqip
covera shqip - Před 9 dny
Patrick Bourne
Patrick Bourne - Před 9 dny
Remember kids if you're being bullied then just punch harder than the other guy!
Also Tom Cruise was the bully in that last one. The girl just wanted a quicky wtf is wrong with that!
Patrick Bourne
Patrick Bourne - Před 2 dny
​+Extreme Lunatix I know but calling a girl a cheap slut doesn't exactly give you the morel high ground XD
Finn Blower
Finn Blower - Před 3 dny
They were going to rob him after the girl lured him to the car
Extreme Lunatix
Extreme Lunatix - Před 3 dny
Well he wasn’t trying to get an std too
gaming and vlogs with hunter
At 5:20 why lol
Jaymz Nixon
Jaymz Nixon - Před 9 dny
Agreed on jack reacher being #1
Lucas Borghys
Lucas Borghys - Před 9 dny
euhm how is 'dealing with bullies' always a way of fighting and violence, talk it out sisters xoxoxo
Jennifer Poole
Jennifer Poole - Před 6 dny
Lucas Borghys Yeah. Talking it out is a smarter solution. It’s not easy but still. Fighting back makes people just as bad or worse.
michaelphiffer23 - Před 9 dny
Remember, you wanted this...
Mordecai - Před 9 dny
Does anyone know the intro song in this video
BeTTeR DiE Gaming YT
BeTTeR DiE Gaming YT - Před 9 dny
Where is spider man 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Osama Almalki
Osama Almalki - Před 10 dny
The third guy was insane!
Ayy Lmao
Ayy Lmao - Před 10 dny
The worst is the public, they just dont do nothing. pathetic...
Riley Ford
Riley Ford - Před 10 dny
Violence isn't a solution to bullying. Bullying comes from violence elsewhere, such as a kid getting beaten at home will take it out on kids at school. Violence makes matters worse and has a great risk in you paying consequences.
Rica Joy Baisa
Rica Joy Baisa - Před 10 dny
John wick's revenge is way too far than that.
Ashley Champion
Ashley Champion - Před 10 dny
we throwin in a comment innit
Hans Gans
Hans Gans - Před 10 dny
I think Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did a better job at dealing with bullies.
Sarah Springer
Sarah Springer - Před 10 dny
That 3rd one was a little out of line
Connor Elliot
Connor Elliot - Před 10 dny
kinda hoping jd pulling a gun on kurt and ram would have made it in. that was fly.
Ville Marjeta
Ville Marjeta - Před 10 dny
UnseeableJudan - Před 10 dny
my likes r moving to dislikes
Cameron Miller
Cameron Miller - Před 10 dny
And just where is the scene of Lois griffin bullying the bullies mum for stealing stewies candy
caitlingracce - Před 10 dny
fuck Elio up man
Blue Neon
Blue Neon - Před 10 dny
"Chew Chew On That"
HYDRA l ZEUS - Před 10 dny
Childhood john Cena😅
Raven Hex
Raven Hex - Před 10 dny
“What do I look like”
Me:” A Tom Cruise”
Budi Prianto
Budi Prianto - Před 10 dny
I really feel bad for the father if true detective
QoLub - Před 10 dny
Intro music name?
Sync Daylight
Sync Daylight - Před 10 dny
TalkanianRetrogaming - Před 10 dny
Im pretty sure Colin Farrel was the bully there....
Phoenix 420
Phoenix 420 - Před 10 dny
Yo what movie is that from the last scene
DingleBungus - Před 10 dny
Fuck you durk.
Free Brain Surgery
Free Brain Surgery - Před 10 dny
The kid should have said "Wait.....what? From a logistics standpoint, how would one buttfuck someone with a headless corpse?"
Angela Genel
Angela Genel - Před 10 dny
#1 was fucking confusing tf
Angela Genel
Angela Genel - Před 10 dny
#3 was fucked up tbh
TheLunkeyGamer - Před 10 dny
Bro he looks like a c h a d
1234Peacekeeper - Před 10 dny
Thumbs down, Tommy Wishes he could be Reacher.
Miles Nelson
Miles Nelson - Před 10 dny
These aren’t bullies these are fight scenes
Big Mac
Big Mac - Před 10 dny
Number three was messed up
Killin Films
Killin Films - Před 10 dny
So chesey
Virostep - Před 10 dny
2:50 me picking up my grades then dropping them
Kat Power
Kat Power - Před 10 dny
Jason doesn't take any shit from bullies
NightCrusher76 - Před 10 dny
now the BULLIES are too scared to look weak
Pbear 9
Pbear 9 - Před 10 dny
Jimmy didn’t do shit
Bennett5k - Před 10 dny
Just deck the bully....

Travis - Před 10 dny
*bully throws orange at girlfriend*
*starts walking towards boyfriend*
*Boyfriend pics bully up throws him in a table and beats his ass*
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