J C - Před dnem
She never completed one tour. Zero ability to maintain an artist's schedule. No song writing ability and can't carry a tune...hmm
Mervis Navas
Mervis Navas - Před dnem
Love it
Negin Ehsan Jawid
Negin Ehsan Jawid - Před dnem
Cute dress
Саид Магомедов
😘😃😍super stars
Srijan Kumar Singh
Srijan Kumar Singh - Před 2 dny
Selena Gomez the ultimate clickbate!
Cecko BG
Cecko BG - Před 2 dny
Love Selenaa💚💛💚💛💜💚💛💜💚💛💜💚💛💜💚💛💜💚💛💜💚💛💜💚💛💜💚💜💜💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💚💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑♥💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑💑
Cecko BG
Cecko BG - Před 2 dny
I Love Yoy Selena👑
Kylee Chapman
Kylee Chapman - Před 2 dny
watching this in 2019, selena is so strong. she’s been through so much but you know, she didn’t let it stop her ♥️she’s a big role model to me
Princy RAKOTOARISOA - Před 3 dny
I love you 💗
Deé - Před 3 dny
Wow the memories why did this have to come up in my suggestions now I’m nostalgic :(
Vini MaRe
Vini MaRe - Před 4 dny
Why show me this right now YouTube?
kwjng - Před 4 dny
I miss my baby 💕
Aimer Shum
Aimer Shum - Před 4 dny
I love u sooooo much Sel😍💞💕
Aamir Iqbal
Aamir Iqbal - Před 4 dny
seriously YouTube
Melisa İnci
Melisa İnci - Před 5 dny
everything was better at those times
Melisa İnci
Melisa İnci - Před 5 dny
Minal Bodade
Minal Bodade - Před 5 dny
U own our hearts
city lights
city lights - Před 5 dny
I remember watching her years ago i'm so proud of the women she is now so proud love her so much 💗
Stefhanny Hurtado
Stefhanny Hurtado - Před 6 dny
Que Nostalgia 😭
Ryuji Omote
Ryuji Omote - Před 6 dny
We Own The Night: Middle of Nowhere
ARMY ANGEL - Před 6 dny
Choi Dady Dynes Candy
Choi Dady Dynes Candy - Před 6 dny
Sara Esa
Sara Esa - Před 6 dny
I love her 😭😭
Baby Anne de Arce
Baby Anne de Arce - Před 6 dny
i love u Selena
Joseph Dunnam
Joseph Dunnam - Před 7 dny
Hey I am on your channel . Yes you look great . Cool video . I know what it is like to feel like you are in the middle of nowhere . If you want to do the birthday thing to get to know me you can . When is your birthday ?
vere BP
vere BP - Před 7 dny
Génesis Carranza
Génesis Carranza - Před 9 dny
Quiero a esta Selena devuelta 😍
Robbin Omarra
Robbin Omarra - Před 9 dny
SO BEAUTIFUL inside and out😊
Alexandr Cuznetov
Alexandr Cuznetov - Před 11 dny
so cute ....
Algodón de azúcar
Algodón de azúcar - Před 12 dny
Mono Poly
Mono Poly - Před 12 dny
I wanna cry
Mono Poly
Mono Poly - Před 12 dny
I miss this
Jeramy Carilimdiliman
Jeramy Carilimdiliman - Před 13 dny
Amanda Freitas
Amanda Freitas - Před 13 dny
Em 2019 pela 987577 vez... que saudade!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar - Před 14 dny
Gopetar Gita
Gopetar Gita - Před 15 dny
José Manuel Gamero palomo
Siempre preciosa radiante como princesa que eres mi amor alow the song you sdte song bebe kiero volberte ha ver love kis kis espein Ema hoy es el día más feliz de la vida love daymont de los sueños tu vida y tu vida love good
nora nora
nora nora - Před 18 dny
• Ada •
• Ada • - Před 19 dny
The girl crying in the crowd is me😂
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez - Před 19 dny
very cute
José Manuel Gamero palomo
Te deseo muxo pero yo tengo 45 años y pronto cumpliré los46 años de mi vida love kiss kiss kiss you can es un gran amigo de mi vida love kiss te amo n mi princesa centro sueño contiguo que ironía y no te gusta el amor mi amor alow the song you sdte song bebe kiero volberte ha ver love kis kis te te deseo lo mejor
Abby V
Abby V - Před 22 dny
Damn good times... miss my teen days.
Carolina Weiss
Carolina Weiss - Před 26 dny
Everything on this is beautiful
Arnavi F
Arnavi F - Před 26 dny
_Youtube algorithm_
Melike Özdamar
Melike Özdamar - Před 26 dny
Aslinda ne kadar zor işi var cok yorucu
Akshya R.
Akshya R. - Před 27 dny
Frank Smith
Frank Smith - Před 28 dny
Never heard this song before, sounds really catchy. 🙂
Ryuji Omote
Ryuji Omote - Před 29 dny
We Own The Night: Middle of Nowhere
Bangla Bihar Odisha
Bangla Bihar Odisha - Před měsícem
Love Selena
Asher Shomari
Asher Shomari - Před měsícem
Love you Sel
cactus - Před měsícem
My recommendations are Selena and Justin maybe this is a 2019 COMEBACK for them??? I'm waiting on purpose 2.0 and revival 2.0
Kris young
Kris young - Před 29 dny
+cactus she might not release it since she's in a completely different place in her life. Thank God for sound cloud lol
cactus - Před 29 dny
+Kris young yeah I understand that alot. Hes gonna fake (if not) till he makes it. Also oml I'm waiting for a actual release for Feel Me uhhh such an amazing song!💕💕
Kris young
Kris young - Před 29 dny
+cactus Justin already said he wanted to get married young and Selena said she wasn't ready for that yet (publicly stated) Sadly, haley is his second choice and you should never be settled for or someone's second choice. He's trying too hard to make himself and people think he's completely in love with haley. Him sure he has love for her but he's never looked at her the way he does Selena. No matter what he says. He also said he was a virgin...or that he doesn't cheat. we knew he wasn't and he has. Even if he was born again. I think he also married her so he wouldn't be alone.
Kris young
Kris young - Před 29 dny
+cactus I'm so ready for this new album though! My cousin has had lupus 13 years now and this January I was diagnosed with lupus. I'm so excited to see what Sel's been working on. I still want a full version of Stained and Feel Me lol
cactus - Před měsícem
+Kris young wow Kris you're right but I mean she did say she's coming with an album hopefully this year. But everything else with justin I totally understand
Nata Pp
Nata Pp - Před měsícem
Hi Hope
Chicky Titor
Chicky Titor - Před měsícem
tan bella... hermosos recuerdo bb
smr597bmx - Před měsícem
just marry me all ready ..gaah
Zahra Farahi
Zahra Farahi - Před měsícem
mundo kiki
mundo kiki - Před měsícem
So beautiful since when she was too Young 😊😍😘
Rose Miranda
Rose Miranda - Před měsícem
Still watching in 2019.. I love you Selena 💖
Claudia García
Claudia García - Před měsícem
Siempre será mi canción
Deise Santos
Deise Santos - Před měsícem
ellis rizqiyah
ellis rizqiyah - Před měsícem
I prefer this live version to the original one. So I keep coming back to watch this even until now
Tomasgoingvirall - Před měsícem
when i was younger i watched this video every single day😂😭
Manuel francisco
Manuel francisco - Před měsícem
Aún me acuerdo cuando era selenator 🙍🏾‍♂️
Mireya Benavides
Mireya Benavides - Před měsícem
Eres única ❤️
KDS Gomez
KDS Gomez - Před měsícem
Such a queen ❤️💅🏼
Edwardm Walker
Edwardm Walker - Před měsícem
Tomas Alvarez
Tomas Alvarez - Před měsícem
Since the day this video came out, this makes me cry. I've always been so comited to Selena as a Selenator since 2008 and i've never had the honor to see her perform live. I just hope she's doing awesome with whatever she's planning on doing. I will always support you bae~
Zoya Zoya
Zoya Zoya - Před měsícem
Best world of music video 😎
Andrea Sawada
Andrea Sawada - Před měsícem
She's so senisitive and fun. I love that 😩
Diego Mendoza
Diego Mendoza - Před měsícem
12 April 2019 Love this song
Rojan M
Rojan M - Před měsícem
You're songs specially the old ones always help me get through hard times of my life
Always love you💛💜❤💚😘😍😭
Rocio Camacho
Rocio Camacho - Před měsícem
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Fatima T
Fatima T - Před měsícem
We own the night. Her BEST album.
سارا طاهری
سارا طاهری - Před měsícem
She is very lovely
Amit Rohilla
Amit Rohilla - Před měsícem
Selena Gomez we own
Ece K
Ece K - Před měsícem
so much memories
Rotimi Adeshina
Rotimi Adeshina - Před měsícem
Selena Gomez
E: elevating
E: Everything
N:Naturally Needed
A:An 👼
My queen👸👸👑👑
Chanel Xx
Chanel Xx - Před měsícem
Ne guzel gunlerdi beeee 😍
Mariam Alghareeb
Mariam Alghareeb - Před měsícem
I really love this song so fucking much
Mariam Alghareeb
Mariam Alghareeb - Před měsícem
This song OMG😭😭
Pagal Panti
Pagal Panti - Před měsícem
i love Selena Gomez 😘😘😘
laura stalker
laura stalker - Před měsícem
I was there on her first tour, and today im still selenator:)
jamer timing
jamer timing - Před měsícem
there's my taste I like song
Fardin Khyar
Fardin Khyar - Před měsícem
Selena looks so happy 😊
Corrina n Isabella Johnson
Corrina n Isabella Johnson - Před měsícem
Dude this is bringing me back when I was like 16 like tf now I’m gonna be 21 and have a kid haha and just like 2 years ago I just went to see her at her revival tour before she went to rehab for her lupus best concert btw she just amazing I love her
Hails Bieber
Hails Bieber - Před měsícem
Queen of autotone
cactus - Před měsícem
Bro are you throwing shade?
José Martín Mendoza pineda
José Martín Mendoza pineda - Před měsícem
q harían si tuvieran a sel frente a ustedes ? yo la abrazaría y no la soltaría por q me encanta ella sus películas y canciones *te amo Selena*
Angelica Maria Puga
Angelica Maria Puga - Před měsícem
Magical✨🔮 I wonder if they make movies like this🌹💖
Girls K
Girls K - Před měsícem
Who is here in 2019❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
инна Рыжкова
инна Рыжкова - Před měsícem
Но как-то так:)
инна Рыжкова
инна Рыжкова - Před měsícem
Как бы объяснить 😀
Annelise - Před měsícem
Que sdds aaa
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh - Před měsícem
I love selena she is my doll
Dajour Williams
Dajour Williams - Před měsícem
middle of nowhere is such a beautiful yet underrated song
Shane Beard
Shane Beard - Před měsícem
I’m shanebearddj I’m biggest fan best music ever
Sameer OO7
Sameer OO7 - Před měsícem
Who is watching in 2020
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia - Před měsícem
Eres hermosa
ushi A
ushi A - Před měsícem
I love selena so so much💓❤, she has a very big heart those people who were on stage with her were really lucky😊. I just wish that one day I could see her in real life😧😔
Ann colangelo
Ann colangelo - Před měsícem
are you comming back to belguim?
melisa32 mejia
melisa32 mejia - Před měsícem
in love
Debaleena Debnath
Debaleena Debnath - Před měsícem
You r owesome selena......u r better than everyone...may God bless you from INDIA....🤗🙋‍♀️
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