Animal Crossing New Horizons - Release Date Gameplay Trailer | E3 2019

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BurgerMations - Před měsícem
I was honestly not hyped until I saw the part where you can build your own town. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH CANT WAIT
Ferxannie - Před 2 měsíci
What angers me is that the flight attendant has a human voice :C
S h i r o
S h i r o - Před 2 měsíci
Shut up and take my money
cactus cake
cactus cake - Před 3 měsíci
This will be the first animal crossing game I'll be trying. looks cute!
zak whipp
zak whipp - Před 3 měsíci
anybody notice their weirdly detailed knees?
Adomas P.
Adomas P. - Před 3 měsíci
wish i could buy a switch :(
Roblox Koala’s Adventures and Pokemon GTS!
I pray Isabelle is still their but mainly my girl Carmen! Oml I need her in this game! I made her immediately move in in ACPC lol
TDKnight _5812
TDKnight _5812 - Před 3 měsíci
I still kinda wish the game was coming out like tomorrow😂😂😂😂😅
TDKnight _5812
TDKnight _5812 - Před 3 měsíci
In the frickin teaser trailer with nook, it sounds like they're gonna start killing people
Bradley Galloway
Bradley Galloway - Před 3 měsíci
time to use a shovel to chop down trees.
Song Dragon
Song Dragon - Před 4 měsíci
Someone: How can they make a game better than Animal Crossing?

**awkward silence**

The trailer: I'd turn around if I were you **stands right behind them**
SubToPewd - Před 4 měsíci
Nah... please not switch exclusive this is my favourite game of all time
Five Daughters Flooring
Five Daughters Flooring - Před 4 měsíci
It looks amazing 😍
cool - Před 4 měsíci
anyone gonna talk about being able to dig paths..
Lysa Ali
Lysa Ali - Před 4 měsíci
49,800 bells *classic Tom Nook*
Song Dragon
Song Dragon - Před 4 měsíci
Why does it always end with 800 **sighs**
Le' Ionute Poloninsson
Le' Ionute Poloninsson - Před 4 měsíci
The best part of the video 0:52
kelly w
kelly w - Před 4 měsíci
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE omg they really out done themselves. Wake me up when it's march.
Flipboy Creations
Flipboy Creations - Před 4 měsíci
Me: Oh wow Nintendo is releasing animal crossing!
Mae Izui
Mae Izui - Před 4 měsíci
Einfach so nice
Carlo Colvin
Carlo Colvin - Před 4 měsíci
49800 bells for all of that? Holy cow when did Tom Nook become so generous?
Aleck Survanas
Aleck Survanas - Před 4 měsíci
Next animal crossing, were going to THE MOON
Sickle - Před 4 měsíci
It's literally Minecraft and I love it.
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora - Před 4 měsíci
Time to buy a switch i guess...
Georgia .Warren
Georgia .Warren - Před 4 měsíci
They brought back the MULTI LEVEL towns
Danvanthevacuumman - Před 4 měsíci
Linda Jürgensen
Linda Jürgensen - Před 4 měsíci
Graphic is a bit disappointing tho...☹️
chrisso domisso
chrisso domisso - Před 4 měsíci
tgis is exactly what I wanted in a new animal crossing. they change enough to improve the format of animal crossing, but not enough to make it feel too different. it feels like Nintendo is listening to what the people want more and more with every game they release. this game is going to be amazing
Bob The Boss Saget
Bob The Boss Saget - Před 4 měsíci
Booooooooooooooo this isn’t what we want. We want a fallout 76 port. Jesus Nintendo just doesn’t understand or listen to their consumer.
The Costco
The Costco - Před 4 měsíci
Honestly probably saved some people wanting to commit suicide
tarc - Před 4 měsíci
I hope the villagers are rude again...
TheAmazingDanamoli - Před 4 měsíci
The night time lighting :0
TyTeph - Před 4 měsíci
Tom Nook is the most passive aggressive loan shark ever
RedDevil757 - Před 4 měsíci
I love the Gamecube game but I hate the barrel design of every game after it. It's horrible!
suzuki chan
suzuki chan - Před 4 měsíci
This seems like it'll be an intresting break from the sereis usual moteif of "sell, pay, sell, pay, work project, sell, pay"
But why did they increase the 1st rent? Seriously! 49.000 bells! Think how high that will be to a starter!
(Also holy frick in game paths!)
Branden Lucero
Branden Lucero - Před 4 měsíci
New Horizons > Breath of the Wild sequel announcement.
iShoLuvCHICKEN - Před 4 měsíci
If Isabelle doesn't make a return, I'll be sad af
Sgt Wolf
Sgt Wolf - Před 4 měsíci
Looks like we can build are town from the ground up.
BloodyOcto And friends!
BloodyOcto And friends! - Před 4 měsíci
Great another year to wait for ughhhhhhhhhhhh!
Rj Stone
Rj Stone - Před 4 měsíci
they better release this for the WiiU
06kikas3 - Před 4 měsíci
1:20 didn't notice the classic boy and girl were in the background.
Rique - Před 4 měsíci
I dont get why this game has such a huge following. I have new leaf and played it for months. 😑😞
Absolutely boring game. I thought it would be like the sims but nope.
Guess the most fun i had was making a tree farm, since selling apples seems to be the only and fastest way to make money. 😒
Am i missing something?
Rique - Před 4 měsíci
@Things Things yeah i caught bugs😒 And the museum stuff 😒😞 Probably the biggest turn off was how expensive everything is and how hard it is and time consuming it is to make money in this game. Such a chore to shake all those trees. 😒
Things Things
Things Things - Před 4 měsíci
Absolutely. You are missing something. Don't tell me you didn't catch bugs, or fish? You didn't see the fireworks in summer? There is so much to this game and you only played it to do that? For nook's sake.
Xxx_StaliN_xxX - Před 4 měsíci
I would need to mug Elon Musk to get out of that debt Tom Nook what is wrong with you
「Nasch」 - Před 4 měsíci
Placing stuff to sit on right at the beach itself, its breaking boundaries damn xD I hope for new hairstyles, faces and eyes, too
Monster of Analysis
Monster of Analysis - Před 4 měsíci
Animal Crossing: Minecraft Edition(but not really)
yen xion
yen xion - Před 4 měsíci
I need someone to slow down this video so I can see everything.
RogueBun - Před 4 měsíci
A couple of days before my birthday! I know what I’m asking for!
SlickDB - Před 4 měsíci
1:20 black villagers confirmed
Golden Bell
Golden Bell - Před 4 měsíci
Theyve always existed, you just had to wait in the sun on the island for a while and youd get a tan
Rave Shadows
Rave Shadows - Před 4 měsíci
I like the idea, building from the ground up. As game cube player of animal crossing I will say it's interesting concept. Yes I played the new games ect, but call me crazy but I feel like something still missing.
Dracula The Vampire
Dracula The Vampire - Před 4 měsíci
@Rave Shadows theres like nothing new like they did with the wii version but maybe on it's own direct it will
Rave Shadows
Rave Shadows - Před 4 měsíci
I don't know if people will understand this, but i want to do more. (I don't want combat) but maybe farming and possbile family stuff. It dosent have to be like harvest moon complicated but give me new easy mico stuff to do really.
Dracula The Vampire
Dracula The Vampire - Před 4 měsíci
The thing that is missing is it still looks like the same sbhit no innovation to push the franchise forward
Mr. Dinkles
Mr. Dinkles - Před 4 měsíci
The way villagers used to be?
BalrogQuote - Před 4 měsíci
Screw just being the mayor, I will now build the town myself
Cøøkîė !
Cøøkîė ! - Před 27 dny
Yes 😂
SrFrancium - Před 4 měsíci
Path ways, crafting, and your avatar isn't only perma white. I hope a stylus comes with drawing with sausage fingers for thin lines is awkward
Shane S.
Shane S. - Před 4 měsíci
Celestia Brown
Celestia Brown - Před 4 měsíci
This is nice and all but where's Isabelle
Mr Yeeet
Mr Yeeet - Před 4 měsíci
Time to start draining the ocean's sharks to pay off my loans.
Butterballporkbun The Toymaker
Butterballporkbun The Toymaker - Před 4 měsíci
I hope mean villagers come back
Dovydas - Před 4 měsíci
Finally, I can partially escape my shit life.
alex brown
alex brown - Před 4 měsíci
I want this game way toooo much
Oof Em
Oof Em - Před 4 měsíci
Open world survival mmorpg animal crossing
l SpoonX l
l SpoonX l - Před 4 měsíci
Why 2020?
Butterballporkbun The Toymaker
Butterballporkbun The Toymaker - Před 4 měsíci
Guys we can have lawns now.
Prince Mason
Prince Mason - Před 4 měsíci
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOMMMGGGGG FINALLLY YESSS THIS MADE MY WHOLE YEAR 100x better!!! The anticipation for animal crossing is so crazy!!!! I can’t wait to get it the moment it comes out!!!!
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